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What impact does your Door-to-Doctor Time have on your bottom line and your patients’ experience?

Door-to-Doctor Time has a direct impact on the patient experience. On the one hand, inconsistent door-to-doctor times indicate inefficient processes, training issues, or lack of commitment to excellence. Consequently, the physician’s reputation is diminished and growth is stifled. On the other hand, improving patient-to-physician workflows can also enhance the patient experience. As a result, medical offices can reduce cost, boost team morale, improve patient outcomes, deliver care more efficiently, and build a positive doctor-patient relationship.

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Current Crisis & Opportunities

In line with this, the current crisis has generated severe disruptions for medical offices. Hence, physicians have found their practice in firefighting mode. Correspondingly, medical offices have been providing both in-office care and Telehealth, the latter causing changes in workflows, staffing, managing risks, and redoing all financial plans and forecasts. Meanwhile, trends that have modified the behavior of a sizeable patient population are likely to remain. Therefore, a holistic approach to the practice is required, including an engaging online presence, electronic medical commerce, physician reputation management, patient engagement through brand recognition, and simplified technology touchpoints. Moreover, implementing patient-centric processes such as door-to-doctor time will yield positive outcomes for both the patient and practice through a streamlined patient experience from the first interaction to the last.

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Door-to-Doctor Analysis

All in all, proper business analysis is needed to identify pain points and process inefficiencies. Otherwise, just moving around the tasks without appropriate analysis may cause undue stress and serious errors. In addition to that, allocating resources to the wrong aspect would create inefficiencies, increase payroll, and waste critical resources. Most importantly, having thoughtful processes would allow medical practitioners to have an improved door-to-doctor evaluation time. Thus, resulting in the consistent delivery of care, decreased unnecessary wait times, improved patient flow, adding up to the improved doctor-patient relationship, patient outcomes, and physician reputation.

Streamsoft can help improve workflows to deliver efficient care and valuable outcomes, from the front office to the back office to the physician’s office. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you reduce your patient’s door-to-doctor time, improve your reputation, and bend the cost curve.

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