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Streamsoft Medical Ecommerce solutions can empower your patients to fulfill their needs 24/7 with your practice at their convenience. In light of this, electronic commerce is essential as an increased number of patients want to interact with the medical offices electronically. Importantly, patients need Ecommerce capabilities, including but not limited to an engaging website that allows the convenience of setting an appointment online, making payments, and getting pertinent information from their device can count. By all means, the current crisis has disrupted medical practices and has forced them to go into firefighting mode. Nonetheless, the situation should catalyze these medical practices to reevaluate changing needs. In turn, this could aid in identifying opportunities and leveraging Ecommerce to meet constantly changing business conditions.

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Research shows that, on average, visitors spend fewer than fifteen seconds on a website before they bounce away to the next if they are not engaged. Due to this, practices need to employ a business-to-consumer model and enable electronic commerce to facilitate changing patient needs. For example, incorporating interactive medical Ecommerce capabilities such as smart chat, autodialer, online appointment setting, online bill payments, and the likes into the medical office's website will enhance engagement between the practice and potential patient visiting the site while in the market for the practice's specialty. Through a patient-centric Ecommerce analysis and the right partner, the practice can implement appropriate digital changes. This includes offering patients convenience, improving practice reputation, scaling to respond to opportunities, and improving financial performance and patient outcomes.

Medical Ecommerce Value Proposition

Above all, having patients access information that leads to making the appointment at their convenience will minimize the cancellation rate. As such, practices offering online commerce capabilities to pay online will save patients a trip to the post office or a call to the office, creating value for both parties. In addition to that, medical Ecommerce improves the financial performance of the practice. Similarly, facilitating online commerce with patient-centric workflows lessens the burden, allowing the staff to focus on high-value tasks and improve patients’ experience. As a result, practice productivity, reputation, and brand will improve.

Streamsoft medical Ecommerce solutions can empower your patients to fulfill their needs 24/7 with your practice at their convenience. Significantly, by incorporating best-of-class eCommerce solutions into your digital workflows, we can strengthen your revenue cycle from website to billing, and increase cash flows and improve collections.

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If your business depends on technology to accomplish day to day operations, Streamsoft can maximize business growth opportunities and minimize technology disruptions. Streamsoft understands response time and works directly with your staff to bring resolutions to your IT support issues. We understand your priorities and work hard to accommodate your schedules to minimize the interruptions so you can focus on running your business.

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Business challenges continue to evolve, so having an innovation advisor on your side is essential. Streamsoft can help you steer you through the toughest business problems and identify the right tech for your business. Contact us for a Technology Assessment.

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Streamsoft can help you with new implementation, enhancements, and upgrade Charles River Development IMS (CRIMS) cost-effectively and reliably. Our services will allow you to focus and build your proprietary capabilities to respond to financial opportunities. Contact us to learn more about Charles River implementation and advisory services.

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