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More and more challenges arise for organizations in how they do business. To overcome these challenges, businesses must integrate new-bought or built-infrastructure applications into their current IT infrastructure to improve their overall workflows. Success over these challenges depends on leveraging the right organizational assets, automating business processes, and integrating applications and data across front, mid, and back-office operations.

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What We Do Best

Project Management & Business Analysis

To achieve operational excellence in your business, you need to deploy the technology solutions in the right way. Streamsoft provides expert knowledge to meet your short-term and long-term technology needs. Contact us to learn more about project management and business analysis.

Cybersecurity & Network Monitor

Secure network is essential to your operations. Streamsoft designs resilient and load-balanced services to optimize operations across physical locations and cloud server environments. No matter your specialization, our mission is to deliver the latest technology services and internet security to meet your business needs. Streamsoft understands the impact of network downtime and provides proactive network monitoring and support.

Managed IT & Remote Support

If your business depends on technology to accomplish day-to-day operations, Streamsoft can maximize business growth opportunities and minimize technology disruptions. Streamsoft understands response time and works directly with your staff to bring resolutions to your IT support issues. We understand your priorities and work hard to accommodate your schedules to minimize the interruptions so you can focus on running your business.

Technology Assessment

Business challenges continue to evolve, so having an innovation advisor on your side is essential. Streamsoft can help you steer through the toughest business problems and identify the right tech for your business. Contact us for a Technology Assessment.

Charles River Implementation & Advisory Services

Streamsoft can help you with new implementation, enhancements, and upgrade Charles River Development IMS (CRIMS) cost-effectively and reliably. Our services will allow you to focus and build your proprietary capabilities to respond to financial opportunities. Contact us to learn more about Charles River implementation and advisory services.


Streamsoft places highly skilled staff well-matched to your unique hiring needs. Whether you are looking to staff on a contract, contract-to-hire or full-time basis, we can help you find the right fit for your team. Contact us to learn more about staffing.

Work with the Right People

Commit to hiring highly skilled people who meet your unique needs. With the help of Streamsoft, you can make sure you consistently find and connect with the right people for your team.

Ensure Business Resiliency

Capitalize on more business opportunities by mitigating technology disruptions and integrating convenient IT resolutions. This will help increase the efficiency of the network and reduce online security risks to your business operations.

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