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Organizations today are facing complexity in transforming the way they do business. This requires transforming the current Information Technology infrastructure of manual processes and disparate bought and built applications to total business integration. Success depends on leveraging organizational assets, automating business processes, and integrating applications and data across front, mid and back office.

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Digital Word of Mouth

Compared to a few years ago, patient behavior has significantly changed such that they heavily rely on digital word of mouth nowadays. In light of this, medical practitioners need to realize that patients are talking about them on social networks. For example, patients influence physicians' online reputation from tweeting, leaving a review on Healthgrades, and posting a Facebook update about their experience with the physician, staff, and processes from the website, to the first office interaction, check-in, check out, and everything in between to name a few. For this reason, a physician's reputation management becomes essential to establish a positive and sustainable search profile.

Patient Behavior

A medical practice cannot afford to ignore this paradigm shift in patient behavior and not invest in physician reputation management. Furthermore, failure to establish a process to account for patient views around all aspects of patient experience could be detrimental to a practice's online reputation. As a result, medical offices that do not utilize modern marketing practices to their advantage remain stagnant and continue to grow cost structure while stifling their growth. Given these points, medical practices must invest in online physician reputation management to stand out for rendering great patient experiences.

Reputation Risk Management

Although the implementation of online reputation management provides a transparent top-down view of the practice, people, and processes, it may also put the practice's reputation at risk. Due to this, many medical practices shy away from establishing an online reputation. In contrast, medical practices committed to excellence take a bottom-up view and perform a holistic business analysis of the business, including their online reputation, to position themselves on a path of continuous improvement. As a result, they continue to fine-tune their organization to respond to patients' views and manage reputation risk. In conclusion, transparency may be risky, but it will be more dangerous in the long run otherwise. In the end, medical practices do not have to shrink and pretend to be an island. They can respond to this challenge by managing risk while continuing to fuel growth through proactive physician reputation management.

Streamsoft Solutions

Medical practices are under unprecedented pressure to perform. In such cases, Streamsoft empowers the medical office to lead the charge by helping implement the best reputation management systems. The Physician Reputation Management solution that Streamsoft offers unlocks Medical Practices' potential and turns positive patient experiences into a marketing engine.

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