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Running a medical practice can be overwhelming. However, our customized billing services can help you streamline the business aspects, improve patient satisfaction, and increase revenue. Interested in learning how Streamsoft's medical billing specialists can help achieve your goals? Contact us to speak with our billing specialist.

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Healthcare organizations need to be financially healthy to provide quality services and ensure the good health of patients. With the development of automated health technology and electronic health forms, Revenue Cycle Management presents health service providers with a cost-effective process of recordkeeping, collecting, and processing patient billing.

RCM Services

Modernize Your Practice

Revenue Cycle Management is a complex process that integrates financial management, health service planning, and IT. While RCM will make your practice more efficient, introducing a new step in any service workflow comes with its own challenges. Our team can help make this smoother and minimize downtime by implementing a successful Revenue Cycle Management strategy specific to the needs and resources of your practice. Whether you are looking to start anew or improve your existing RCM process, our experts are equipped to help you streamline workflows, train staff, analyze performance and pitfalls, and make the right investments for you and your patients.

Billing Services

Secure Payment

To run a successful practice, physician-entrepreneurs must be able to track and collect accounts receivables (or outstanding balances by patients and insurance companies) in a timely and organized manner. The longer these balances remain unpaid, the less likely physicians will be able to retrieve these payments. On average, healthcare providers lose as much as 90 cents per dollar owed after failing to collect AR past 120 days. RCM process prevents physicians from losing revenue by optimizing record keeping, insurance follow-up, and payment collection.

Financial Management

Maximize Service Capacity (increase revenue)

The financial aspect of healthcare is a factor that influences the health-seeking behavior of many patients. By providing transparency and clarity on the cost of services and payment options such as health benefits/insurance; RCM helps patients make informed decisions regarding their healthcare and make them more likely to seek out your services. This increases the practice’s capacity to provide better service and ensures better compliance throughout the process since patients are aware of the costs and engaged from the very beginning.

Operational Excellence

Door-to-Doc Time

High or inconsistent door-to-doctor times indicate inefficient processes, training issues, or lack of commitment to excellence. As a result, door-to-doctor time has a direct impact on the patient’s experience.

Revenue Growth

Medical e-Commerce

Increased numbers of patients want to interact with the medical offices electronically to be informed, schedule appointments, and make payments at their convenience.

Simplify IT

Healthcare IT Services

Streamsoft can help you succeed in today’s business environment with flexible and cost-effective technology services that eliminate technology challenges and help you focus on patient care.

Healthcare Consulting

Modernize Your Practice

Streamsoft can help you succeed in today’s business environment through flexible and cost-effective technology services that eliminate technology challenges and help you focus on patient care.

Healthcare Consulting

Revolutionize Business Strategies

Streamline your business operations to upgrade your medical practice. Take the right approach in addressing your business concerns and problems by generating customized solutions with Streamsoft.

Digital Marketing

Expand Business Opportunities

Devote your practice to delivering excellent patient care and let Streamsoft tailor customized business strategies and approaches for you. By boosting your digital presence, whether through blogs or social media, your business will reach a larger audience.

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